• Author Letitia Matthews

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. I agree. But sometimes, a picture just cannot do a story the justice that words can.

Words can conjure up pictures of their own and can convey depth, emotion, intent, beauty, sadness and so much more. In fact, words allow the reader to craft images of their own - that is perhaps the true beauty of the written word. Whatever your reading preferences are, sometimes you just need to escape into a story somewhere far away, to help you understand your own story better. 

Words are given life not only by the hand and the heart from which they originate but also from the heart of the reader. For they are coloured and shaped even further by the experiences, perspectives, and emotions of the reader. It's a magical thing. As a writer, it takes enormous courage for me to lay my soul bare in such a public way. Sharing my deepest feelings and imaginings with others is no small feat, as I entrust them to the judgment, criticism and most of all, the interpretation of my readers. However, the hope that it might somehow bless my readers, validates the risk. 

So, as you share the journeys I make with my characters along their adventures, and as you weigh my own experiences, hopes and dreams, I hope that you will be blessed. It is my heart's desire that my writing will in some way encourage you on your own journey. Know that your time is precious to me, and I hope you will consider it well spent as you traverse my word-paved adventures. Bless you!

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Letitia Matthews