Writing a Book “One Day”

Writing a Book “One Day”

Writing a Book One Day

Have you ever wanted to write a book one day? During the course of my own writing journey, so many people have shared their desire to write a book 'one day'. My 'one day' began when I was ten years old and I only published my first (which was actually my third) novel 36 years later. I had written it 15 years before, but life happened. I remember writing my first novel (still not published as of today). I reached a point 'one day', where I realised that there was never going to be the perfect time to write that book. The time was NOW. 

So, I began to write at night, from 10 pm - 3 am. It was the only time I had because my husband and I were running a growing business at the time and the days were full and demanding. My writing buddies were two cats, named Tory and Tosca, and five dogs, Lady, Paddington, Shadow, Tessie and Sheba. In reality, they were more like my accountability buddies, because they would shove wet noses under my elbows in the wee hours of the morning to encourage me to get some sleep. 

In around a month of writing during this time slot, my first novel was done. It came as a bit of a surprise, and I confess that the completion left a void in my life. My characters were happy and had moved on, and I was left with an unquenchable desire to write more. They say that habits are formed in 40 days. My writing habit (read: addiction) took just 30 days to become firmly entrenched. So, I began to write the next novel and eventually began the third - until life happened and I suffered from severe writer's block for a decade.

People congratulate me on the accomplishment of writing a novel, often with a sense of admiration. It feels undeserved. I mean, no one would commend a drug addict for fuelling their addiction right? For me, writing is a compulsion - I write because I need to. Ernest Hemingway is noted for saying: "There is nothing to writing. You just bleed at your typewriter." There is so much truth in this, because writing involves a commitment to pouring yourself out onto a page, not because you want someone to read it (and of course, that would be wonderful), but because you need to, for you.

I personally think the real accomplishment of writing a book, lies in embracing your 'one day' today. There will never be a better time for you to start writing. The truth is, that a book, or any story for that matter, is crafted one word at a time, just as a journey requires one intentional step after another. Is it easy? Not always. Is it worth it? Everytime!

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Author and blogger, Letitia Matthews, is an advocate of the simple life. She writes full-time from the little slice of paradise where she lives, on the banks of the iconic Kruger National Park. You can follow Letitia's blog about her life in the bush, at www.zebraonmystoep.co.za, where she chronicles her adventures in the wild. She also blogs at: www.wordscount.co.za

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