Letitia Who?

Firstly, welcome to my world. A world of words and unlimited possibilities. A rich world of depth, emotion, and joy. It is not a world without sorrow or pain, but I am persuaded that it is precisely these ingredients that enhance the beauty of life and teach us to embrace it more fully. The more we love, the more we live, and the more we live, the greater our capacity to love.

So, who is Letitia? Letitia is a product of a lot of loving and living. I believe it is these experiences that inspire my writing, breathe life into my characters and colour their journeys. I cannot recall a time when words weren't my friends. I wrote my first real story when I was about ten years old, and those tattered pages, carefully penned, and now yellowed pages, marked the beginning of my love affair with words. But words are not enough...

Letitia Matthews

My studies added skills to hone my writing, but the most important ingredients have been added by life itself. They have come in the form of love and loss, joy, and sorrow. For words that are strengthened in the smelting pot of happiness and washed in the tears of grief, have power. They have the power to reach others, to paint pictures and to evoke emotion and carry conviction. That power is unlocked only by living.

The power of my own words was forged in loving and losing my beloved father, and later, my first husband Eric. The crippling pain of sorrow and loss was so overwhelming that I thought it could never yield anything good. The decade long writer’s block that followed Eric's death was defined by the blessing of finding new love, and the challenge of fighting Malignant Melanoma. It was a decade that demanded all the courage I could muster and even that wasn't enough. The victory came only by the grace of a loving, faithful God. I considered my survival blessing enough, and all but resigned myself to never writing again.

Then, on a trip to my favourite place, Kruger National Park, God reawakened my writing and before the week was up, I had one month of devotions tucked into my heart to write up when I got home.  It was the beginning of a deluge of writing - a frantic release of all that I had stored up over more than a decade of struggles, and a blissful reunion with my life-long friends - words. These deeply personal devotions are documented in my book, Whispers in the Wild (Vol.1). The one-month devotional shares the messages and challenges that inspired me as the beauty of nature in the iconic Kruger National Park ministered to my soul.

Now, I enjoy the privilege of living on the banks of Kruger Park, with my second husband Peter. Ours is a beautifully simple life, surrounded by nature and blessed with peace and solitude. Here in this veritable paradise, I have been able to realise my life-long dream of writing full-time. In this season of my life, I am able to apply the business skills acquired over more than half of my adult life, to creating written content, websites and graphic design products to help my clients across the globe promote their businesses. I am also an avid blogger, and you can follow one (or both) of my blogs: -

www.zebraonmystoep.co.za Chronicles the joys of the simple life, while www.wordscount.co.za is aimed at helping my clients and fellow creatives to ‘put the magic in their messages’.

I enjoy nature, animals, photography and paper crafts (in no particular order). My deepest desire is that my work will encourage my readers and honour my creator. I absolutely believe that God desires an intimate friendship with everyone, and I hope my writing will encourage my readers to accept God’s constant ‘friend requests’. You can also email me: letitia@letitiamatthews.co.za - I'd love to hear from you!