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Garden of Torment, written by Letitia Matthews

Garden of Torment

Hilltop Estate. A ramshackle old house with a neglected garden.  It stands vigil over the watery grave of Dorothea Matthison, and the ship that bore her name. A hundred years later, it is the point of convergence for the past and the present. Brynne Matthison enlists the services of renovation expert Erin Shenfield, to restore Hilltop. But as they strip back the layers of the past, they uncover the secrets of Brynne’s great-grandpa Captain Harold Matthison. Secrets so great, they stole the joy of three generations of Matthison men.

As the mysteries of Hilltop deepen, Brynne and Erin are caught up in a journey that exposes their own brokenness, and challenges their beliefs in love, faith and God. The puzzle pieces, including a broken statue and a record of a fortune in illicit gold, hold the keys to the past and potentially to the future. But legacies of pain and betrayal stand in the way of love and trust. Until a voice from the grave speaks a truth so powerful that the curse of the past is brought into the light.

As Brynne and Erin realise that the future begins in the present, they wrestle with finding the courage to embrace it… can they? Will they…

Garden of Torment, written by Letitia Matthews

Zulu Love Letters

As fashion designer Kimberly Dunlop, stands beside the open grave of her father, she is confronted by the ghosts of her past. The most haunting of these is her estranged husband, Angus Pringle.

Two years apart have, if anything, deepened the hurt and suspicion that tore them apart in the first place. Now, forced to work together in the fashion empire their fathers founded, the cracks of their relationship develop into a fully-fledged crevasse with the help of their conniving business partner and colleague, Priscilla Davies.

As the secrets of the past, thought to be long buried with their parents, are resurrected from the grave, Angus and Kimberly are compelled to wrestle their own demons if they stand any chance of embracing a future together.

Kimberley has more secrets than the one Angus promised to divorce her over two years earlier. Like a master illusionist, Priscilla artfully hides and exposes the past and present behind emotional smoke and mirrors, to best serve her dubious motives. She potentially wields the weapon of demise for Kimberly and Angus’s marriage, and she is not afraid to use it.

The truth will come out, but when it does, will it heal the past, or steal the future? With the life of the next generation in the balance, only a voice from the past can even the playing field to give them a fighting chance. But will it be enough?